Learning together

meI am on a learning journey. I am learning how change happens, within individuals, within organisations, within economies and societies. I am learning both by reading and listening, but also through the work with my others.

My intent is to take the people I work with to explore what they can do to make their own learning journey more meaningful and effective. Learning is at the heart of achieving change. Becoming more aware of one’s environment and one’s own role in that environment is the starting point of every change initiative.

By taking them along on a learning journey, my goal is to support organisations and teams to make sense of the complex environment they are working in and find a way to make meaningful decisions under conditions of uncertainty. I provide coaching and trainings for organisations and project teams to improve their ability to make decisions and achieve change in complex social systems like organisations, economies or communities.

I co-developed the Systemic Insight logic, which helps to structure explorational and learning approaches to change. Systemic Insight is based on a deep understanding of various theories on how social systems and economies change. It takes an evolutionary approach to change, recognising that change needs to originate from within the system and cannot be driven, only modulated.

I offer training and coaching for organisations and teams working as change makers in social systems. Providing a logic, methods and tools to help them make sense of their environment and of data as well as decision-making support to make their work more systemic and meaningful. I support them to use a Systemic Insight logic to embrace uncertainty and embark on a process of exploration.

My major interest is to develop and put into practice systemic approaches that lead to changes so women and men can achieve personal, social and economic empowerment. I continuously explore new knowledge and am working towards the better use of principles of a diverse range of bodies of knowledge with the aim to make change initiatives more adaptive, effective and sustainable.

mesopartner logoIn 2016, I joined Mesopartner as a partner. Mesopartner is a knowledge firm that specialises in economic development, territorial development, competitiveness and innovation.

In the past, I have worked for different development organisations as programme officer or in short-term assignments with a focus on South and South-east Asia, and East Africa. I have worked in Bangladesh, Kenya, Kosovo, Mongolia, Myanmar, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the US and Vietnam. My work has also included policy dialogue and advocacy work, specifically on aid effectiveness, and energy and climate change policy.

My full profile/CV can be found on my LinkedIn page.